DIY Paintbrush Jars

The Jars

  1. Eat 3 entire jars of natural peanut butter in one single sitting
  2. Thoroughly clean the jars, removing each label

How I decorated my jars

  • I gathered scrapbooking paper (Michael’s Craft Store) and gift wrap paper from Anthropologie for labels
  • Applied sticky adhesives to the backs of the labels
  • Wrote Painting, Writing and Drawing with a calligraphy pen on sturdy white paper
  • Ripped the edges off of each label, roughly into an oval shape
  • Carefully burned the edges of each label with a match. (You may need to rewrite your labels several times after they’ve turned to ash.) I went through about 3 labels for each jar as a result of my poor fire skills.
  • Stuck my labels onto the jars’ labels
  • Filled my jars with pens, paintbrushes etc.

You will need 

  • Glass jars
  • Small adhesive stickers
  • Ink pen or marker, for calligraphy if desired
  • Sturdy white paper
  • Sturdy scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, fabric, magazine pages, etc. Whatever you want for your labels!
  • Pens, pencils, markers, writing utensils, paint brushes etc. to fill your jars
  • Matches, water and a safe place to set paper on fire and put out if/when necessary

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4 responses to “DIY Paintbrush Jars”

  1. Hepburn Hilton says :

    How crafty!! Looks great!

  2. littlesundog says :

    Clever idea and so beautiful. I loved your photos. Uh, not sure I can manage step #1 in one setting but maybe by the end of summer!! Great post!

  3. tealandtulle says :

    Is it wrong that when I see step 1 is “eat three jars of peanut butter in one sitting” it gives me the self confidence to tackle this DIY? Great idea for a decorative way to keep and show your crafty tools.

  4. therooftopbirds says :

    this is such a cute idea!

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