Melting Crayon Art- with Maps!

Attach crayons to a canvas with sturdy tape

Hold the blowdryer very close (up to an inch or two from the crayons). Hold the canvas upright, or in the direction you fancy the colors to drip

Warning: you may feel the hot wax spew on your skin

I removed the map to capture the rich flood of colors onto my canvas

Carefully, I repositioned the crayons in the opposite direction

If you want yellow, tape yellow in the area desired. So easy!

Materials needed:

  • Canvas
  • Crayons (any color). I kept the crayons in their rolled paper because I believe it worked well with the sticky tape.
  • Blowdryer. If possible, avoid using your main hair dryer (main mane, ha ha)

Be creative! Try to experimenting with a map, newspaper, magazine page photo print  etc. as your canvas (on top of your canvas, that is. You’ll need something sturdy)

Making crayon art is least messy when done outside.


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2 responses to “Melting Crayon Art- with Maps!”

  1. simplymejenniferle says :

    I love the map idea! It’s so unique and cool!

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