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How to change your Pinterest privacy settings

Log in > Click your name (your account) > Settings


Northbound on PCH: Leaving Santa Monica at Sunset

Watching the sun set on PCH
Driving to Malibu from Santa Monica

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How to make image-filled text using a clipping mask

The goal of this tutorial is that you will understand how to make image-filled text using a Clipping Mask in Adobe Photoshop.
Note: The steps and images are specific to Adobe Photoshop CS3. I am unsure whether the steps will vary among earlier or newer versions of Photoshop.

1. In Photoshop, open the image you wish to turn into text. Turn the “background” layer into  “Layer 0” by double clicking the layer “Background” in your Layers toolbar. Label this layer what you wish. I labeled mine “image”

2. You will want to derive text from an optimized image, so crop out unnecessary details of the image if necessary.

3. Select the text tool. Click on your image and begin typing the word(s) you wish to clip. I recommend making the text as big, bold and wide as possible. The color does not matter.Label this layer. I labeled mine “burrito love” to correspond to the text.

4. The top layer should be the image and the bottom layer should be your text

5.  Add a new layer

6. The new layer needs to be last. The sequence of your layer will be: image, text, layer 1

7. Select your image layer by clicking on it. Click the drop down arrow on the grey bar. Select : Create Clipping mask. The clipping will only work if you have selected your image layer, and all of your layers are in the correct sequence.

8. BOOM! You now have your image-filled text. Great job!

9. Although yo have successfully completed this task, you are not complete yet. Click the same drop down as you did for the clipping mask. Hit “Merge Visible”

10.  Save this text as a png. File… Save As…

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Adobe Illustrator